What Happened To Baseball’s Best Infield?

When the 2015 season ended, it was a happy time for San Francisco Giants fans, even though the team failed to reach the postseason. The Giants’ biggest weakness in 2015 was a poor starting pitching rotation outside of Madison Bumgarner. However, with some large contracts coming off the books and a terrific crop of free agent pitchers available, the […]

Ray Ratto Isn’t The First Person To Be Wrong About Brandon Belt

Misjudging Brandon Belt is par for the course for many Giants fans and analysts. That’s why it was surprising when Ray Ratto’s comments struck a nerve. Just after Larry Baer, Bobby Evans, Brian Sabean, and Bruce Bochy concluded their 2016 season postmortem press conference, Ray Ratto, a commentator for CSN Bay Area, analyzed what the group had just […]

The Worst Moments of the Year!

Well, that was painful. All day long I’ve been going through the very worst moments of the 2015 Giants baseball season. Now I’m angry, frustrated, and depressed, and soon you can be too! If I could do it again, I probably would have posted this “Worst Moments” list first and my “Top Moments” list second. […]

The Case for Juan Uribe (and Others)

The San Francisco Giants subtly revealed that they’re looking for infield depth when they signed former Padres and Orioles infielder Everth Cabrera to a minor league deal on Friday. Joaquin Arias hit just .254/.281/.301 in 204 plate appearances last year and is hitting an even worse .211/.211/.281 this season. Using WAR to consider his overall […]

The Curious Case of Tim Lincecum

Strikeouts per nine innings (K/9) and left-on-base percentage (LOB%) are often closely correlated. According to FanGraphs.com, “Most pitchers have LOB%s around league average (which is approximately 70-72%, depending upon the season), and pitchers that deviate from that average tend to see their numbers regress towards average in the future.” The MLB average LOB% from 2008-present is […]