On a Slow Start and the Importance of Platoons

Discussing the Giants’ sluggish early offense, the (over)performance of their starting staff, and why they must platoon more in order to stay afloat in the National League. Music Credit: Released by Tasty Records Artist: TheFatRat Song: Xenogenesis YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/2Ax_EIb1zks

PODCAST: On Diminished Velocity and Why WAR Matters

Ben looks closely at Madison Bumgarner’s second start of the season and discusses why it’s critical to think in terms of wins above replacement when analyzing modern baseball decisions. Music Credit: Released by Tasty Artist: TheFatRat Song: Xenogenesis

PODCAST: Giants Acquire Kevin Pillar, Beat LA

Ben discusses all the key points regarding Giants’ acquisition of outfielder Kevin Pillar from the Toronto Blue Jays. He also talks about the team’s 4-2 comeback win over the Dodgers. Music Credit: Released by Tasty Records Artist: TheFatRat Song: Xenogenesis

PODCAST: Lessons from San Diego and Small Sample Sizes

Ben discusses the key points from the Giants’ last three games in San Diego, in which they pitched well (especially the bullpen) but struggled offensively. He also discusses why it’s far too early to make definitive statements about specific players and the team as a whole. Music Credit: Released by Tasty Records Artist: TheFatRat Song: […]

LOCKED ON GIANTS – 03/29/2019 – On Bumgarner and a Strange Decision

A close examination of how Madison Bumgarner used his pitches on Opening Day compared to how he’s used them in the past. Despite an overall excellent start, are there still reasons to be concerned about Bumgarner’s fastball? Also, a close examination of Bruce Bochy’s curious decision let Gerardo Parra hit against a lefty instead of […]

Locked On Giants – 03/28/2019 – It’s Opening Day!

Several key storylines are discussed, including that the team’s primary focus will be to win in 2019. If winning isn’t in the cards, however, there may be major trades, including a possible trade of Madison Bumgarner. Ben also analyzes the not-so-unlikely possibility that at least one of Farhan Zaidi’s under-the-radar acquisitions will emerge and exceed […]

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If you’re a fan of CoveCast, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to Locked On Giants (Baseball), where you’ll find the same “opinionated yet data-driven San Francisco Giants analysis” with Ben Kaspick, now in the form of 15-20 minute episodes every single weekday. Link to Locked On Giants (Baseball): https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/locked-on-giants-baseball/id1455909225?mt=2.

Roster Crunch Continues as MLB Suspends Larry Baer

In the second episode of the brand new Locked On Giants Baseball podcast, Ben Kaspick analyzes how the Giants’ trade of Chris Stratton highlights key differences between the old front office and the new one, and how Larry Baer’s suspension could affect Farhan Zaidi’s autonomy. Music Credit: Released by Tasty Records Artist: TheFatRat Song: Xenogenesis

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